College Radio

Colorado Media School’s college radio station Mile High Underground is always looking for new music to play! If you’re an unsigned artist or band with new music to submit, please contact us via the link on our website. We accept submissions via email, mail, or file transfer – just send us your latest single and we’ll take a listen. Our music directors will review all submissions and decide which songs to include on our regular rotation. You can also stream our programming online 24/7 to hear all the latest hits!

At Mile High Underground we love hearing new music!

At Mile High Underground we love hearing your music! We are always looking for bands and artists to feature on our station. EXPAND for DJs or Something Maybe Shows

How do I get my music played on Mile High Underground?

To have your music played on Mile High Underground, Music submission via the form. We review all submissions and will respond if we would like to broadcast your stream directly on our site. We also create playlists from new releases that we feel fit the MHU and may include your performance or song in one of these. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for considering MHU as a home for your music!

Do Follow Submission Guidelines

If you want to submit your music to a radio station, there are a few things you need to include. First, make sure you have a good quality recording of your song or single. Include your contact information, as well as the artist name and album. If you have a release date for your performance, include that as well. Submit your music early enough that the radio station has time to listen to it and decide if they want to play it on their station.

Music must not be defamatory or obscene.

Music submitted must be properly edited

Do Submit Your Best Works

If you’re an artist submitting music to a label or other entity, it’s in your best interest to submit your best work. By putting your best foot forward, you increase the chances that the person or group you’re submitting to will be interested in your material. Additionally, if you’re submitting an album, it’s important to make sure all the tracks are of high quality – no one wants to listen to a half-finished project. So do yourself (and your art) a favor and submit your best work – it could be the difference between getting signed and being ignored.

Media Formats Accepted

The media formats that are accepted by this site are MP3 files. If you have a different file format, you will need to convert it to an MP3 format in order to upload it.

Our internet radio stations are available worldwide.

We accept most unsigned songs of hip hop, country, American Top 40.

Department Contact Information


Colorado Media School and Mile High Underground require that all submitted songs have a legal and release of use in order for them to be considered for airplay. This means that the submitting entities and individuals represent and warrant that they have the right to submit the song(s) and that the song(s) do not infringe on the rights of any third parties.

Colorado Media School and Mile High Underground reserve the right to make the final decision on which songs are played on their stations, and no royalty or other compensation will be paid to any submitting entity or individual for any song that is played. All submitted songs may be used by Colorado Media School and Mile High Underground in any way they see fit. Including grant the right to stream your material and/or use on marketing and demo reel.

FORM – Link for form coming soon